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Rue 21 Application Online


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    rue 21

  • Formally known as Pennsylvania Fashions Inc., rue21 Inc., headquartered in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, is a specialty discount retailer of young men and women’s casual apparel and accessories. On November 13, 2009, rue21 announced its initial public offering.


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rue 21 application online

rue 21 application online – Paris Rue

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rue 21/Goody's/Troll & Toad Games & Comics complex, London, KY (former Wal-Mart)

rue 21/Goody's/Troll & Toad Games & Comics complex, London, KY (former Wal-Mart)
This is what the old Wal-Mart building at 100 London Shopping Center in London, KY looks like as of the present day. The old Wal-Mart entrance has finally been remodeled slightly and two new businesses have moved in, finally making the old Wal-Mart fully occupied after many years. Troll & Toad Games & Comics (which is a locally-owned independent hobby store) had opened in the left portion in February 2012, while rue 21 had opened in October 2011 in the right portion. Meanwhile, Goody’s had reopened in January 2011 (as more Peebles stores had adopted the Goody’s name in most areas).

Rue 21

Rue 21
A Rue 21 store in Williamsburg, VA, on 6610 Mooretown Rd in the Williamsburg Marketcenter shopping center.